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10 Places in the World you would Love to Trespass!

How you’d wish Charlie and the Chocolate Factory materialized for you in real life! There are so many covert and secretive places on planet earth, you simply cannot resist learning about. If only you could’ve won that Golden Ticket to some of the most concealed locations in the world. Lest, you could try the adventurous highway…trespassing! Here is a compilation of the 10 most classified locations on the globe you could try, you know, trespassing!

⑩ Coca Cola recipe vault, Georgia Image The Coca-Cola vault, the novel centrepiece of the World of Coca-Cola Museum in downtown Atlanta, houses the so-called ‘secret recipe’ of Coca Cola. Truth be told, this is a mere publicity stunt, in an attempt to spark a marketing hype to enhance brand patronage. Interestingly, upon visit, you will come across a message that reads “The Vault Door That Has Been Guarding Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Since 1925″

P.S. The supposed secret recipe had already been unravelled in an age-old apothecary.

Surtsey, Iceland Image This is among the latest places on our planet. This North Atlantic Island popped up in the aftermath of an extended volcanic eruption in the 1960′s. It is arguably the world’s most pristine natural habitat and only a few scientists have ever been allowed to venture there. All visitors check themselves and belongings to ensure no seeds are accidentally introduced by humans to this ecosystem. This island is unlikely to disappear entirely in the near future, so you could pay a hushed visit in the said near future!

⑧ Bank of England Vaults, London Image The vault, beneath the City of London, covers a floor space greater than that of the second-tallest building in the city, Tower 42. Bars of bullion are stacked on warehouse shelves like upside-down Toblerones in a giant chocolate-only hypermarket. Sounds easy, especially when the Queen was granted access inside last year.

But wait!  The only way to get in here is with a key that is 90 cm long! Even if you wanted to get the key you would have a slight problem though, given that the names of employees working at the vaults are kept secret. Harry Potter material, eh?

⑦ Lascaux Caves, France Image These 20,000 year old cave paintings were being damaged by CO2 being exhaled by tourists. Eventually, the French Government shut them down. Only a few handpicked scientists are allowed in the caves due to the ancient age and the Paleolithic artwork contained within. This could be your adventure hotspot if you are prepared to hike half a mile underground (hell of a journey), in the deepest, blackest and darkest caves ever imagined.

⑥ Doomsday Seed Vault, North Sea, Arctic Image Inspired and rattled by so many apocalyptic movies being released these days, scientists simply don’t want to take chances. This triggered the idea of building a vault to help humankind get back on its feet following an apocalyptic reality. Sited on a secluded island in the North Sea, the Doomsday Seed Vault is home to over 250 million crop seeds and one of the most secure locations of the world.

The vault is not only impossible to reach by ordinary human beings, but is also protected against ice-cap melting disaster breakout. You would certainly feature in the next movie starring the ultimate hero, who made it to this facility in the event of a catastrophe, so as to save mankind!

⑤ Metro-II, Moscow Image According to Daniel Kalder’s book, Strange Telescopes, the first known source of an entrance into this secret underground service of Moscow, came from the leader of an urban exploration group, the Diggers of the Underground Planet, in 1994. These underground bunkers (codenamed D-6 by KGB) can withstand nuclear hits. Each of the officers with access to Metro-2 is granted access into only one part of the system. None of them know how many clearance levels there are, so nobody gets to see the entire picture and possess the whole plan, making the declassification of the whole installation virtually impossible.

You could try walking ahead of the locked stairways and gates in the Moscow subway apparently leading to “nowhere”. Also don’t be fooled by the famous ‘dead-end line’ in between Sportivnaya station and Universitet stations. Did I mention at your own risk?

④ North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands Image The North Sentinel Islands is among the deadliest of the 200 odd islands in the Andaman Island chain. It is surrounded by a ring of submerged coral reefs that prevent large ships from approaching. The island is completely alienated from modern civilization and its inhabitants, even today, kill any outsiders who try to get too close to their land. No one has ever gone or left this island without fleeing immediately or being slaughtered by the Sentinelese upon arrival. They drive off fishermen, journalists, anthropologists and government officials with their spears and arrows.

Sounds like the perfect location for a honeymoon! 

③ Pine Gap, Australia Image The Australian younger brother of Area 51, the Pine Gap is Australia’s only No-Fly Zone. According to myriad eyewitness reports, this base stretches for several miles underground and these are just support buildings. Governments like to dig all the time, tunnelling like Prairie dogs to avoid spy satellites. The location is strategically significant because it controls America’s spy satellites as they pass over the third of the globe which includes China, parts of Russia, and Middle East oil fields. This satellite tracking station is situated in the middle of nowhere because that makes it arduous for other countries to intercept the signals emitted from within. FYI, this facility tracks the communications of al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, making it one of the key facilities used in US surveillance, as revealed by Edward Snowden.

This one’s easy to enter—try crossing the double fenced perimeter at the facility, mate!

② Mezghhorye, Russia Image This is the supposed location of Russia’s ‘dead hand’ nuclear missile site. This site is heavily guarded by Russian troops at all times to ward off snooping eyes. This is a wonderful trespassing hotspot for you, especially because the site sports automatically triggered ballistic missiles, which are activated in case of a nuclear strike. This is detected by several pressure, radioactivity, seismic and light sensors.

① Area 51, Nevada Image

Still popular as one of the most secure locations on Planet Earth, Area 51 in the remote deserts of Las Vegas, is subject to the most controversial alien and conspiracy folklore. The military base has never been classified as ‘’secret’ but its testing of experimental aircraft and missile systems among other research undertakings have been filed under the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) category. Security personnel guard the premises with machine guns in white jeeps. They would not hesitate to would kill you or lock you up (if you are a trespasser I mean), and there is no media that will report the incident especially because the US Government merely acknowledges the existence of the base and this facility is permitted to dispose waste materials in environmentally unsound ways that no one else in the US is allowed to do.

So in short… May God be with you!

Oh! BTW, if you are that desperate, you could try venturing into Area 69 from GTA San Andreas. Just saying!

Marketer’s Concern? So what has al this got to do in a marketing blog, you ask? I simply couldn’t resist adding a pinch of marketing in the end! Truth is, more hype that is generated about a place by virtue of its covert operations, more the footfall in the locale. This increases the brand equity of the particular facility or operation under question. Case closed!

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